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The Activist: BROOKE HESS

Brooke Hess fought for the removal of dams in the Snake River Basin by kayaking the Salmon River from its source to the sea, and found a new appreciation for wild rivers along the way


“It’s all connected. You hear that, but it’s so different when you actually experience it.”

As a professional kayaker, Brooke Hess’s life revolves around wild rivers. But in recent years she’s become increasingly concerned about threats to river ecosystems – like the dams on the lower Snake River. She knew she had to do something to encourage more people to advocate for the removal of those dams. That’s why, in April 2022, she and three other women set out on the trip of a lifetime: kayaking the Salmon River from its headwaters to the Pacific Ocean. 

 In 2019, Brooke received an American Whitewater Scholarship to come on a Freeflow course on the Main Salmon River in Idaho. The Grand Salmon Source-to-Sea Expedition was born of a love for salmon (the fish), rivers, science, and community.

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Thanks to American Whitewater for helping support Brooke on her Freeflow course in 2019; to our friends at NRS for sponsoring the source-to-sea expedition; and to everyone who is fighting for the removal of the four lower Snake River dams.

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Mary Auld (she/her) is an audio journalist and teacher in Missoula. She grew up in the boreal forests in Interior Alaska and the hay fields of upstate New York. Her favorite projects use sound to tell intimate stories about the human experience of environmental issues. Mary’s work has been featured on public radio stations and podcasts around the West. She has a master’s in environmental journalism from the University of Montana. You can find more of her work at

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