Community Scholarship Fund

Varying awards up to $1000 | Open to everyone | For use on any 2023 Freeflow course

The Freeflow Foundation’s Community Scholarship Fund is supported by generous contributions from the Freeflow community. The CSF enables us to provide scholarships to people for whom Freeflow Institute programs might be otherwise inaccessible. We also aim to provide general guidance and support to those unfamiliar with outdoor education or backcountry travel.

While preference is given to applicants from marginalized, underrepresented, or low-income communities, EVERYONE is welcome to apply to the Community Scholarship Fund.

The second and final CSF application period closes May 5, 2023. To ensure your best chance at securing funding, we encourage you to APPLY EARLY. 

If you have trouble understanding or accessing the applications, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.

To prevent the loss of your written application content, please SAVE A COPY OF YOUR RESPONSES before submitting the online application form. 

Alternatively, you can print your application responses and mail them to us at Freeflow / PO Box 602 / Milltown, Montana 59851.

Scholarship Application Form

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Please note that Craig Childs’ April 2023 course has an EARLY application deadline of March 15.

1. Please describe your work in the world, or what you hope that work might someday become. Feel free to discuss your creative endeavors, professional ambitions, educational trajectories, or any other hopes and dreams you want to share. We aim to support established, emerging, and fledgling leaders from diverse communities. Feel free to send us samples of your work, art, writing, etc. To include examples of your work with your application, upload them here.

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    2. Please choose one of the following Freeflow values and tell us how it aligns with your own personal mission or vision:

    • We believe in the power of creative expression and storytelling.

    • We believe in amplifying the voices who can change our cultural narrative for the better.

    • We celebrate healthy communities and compassionate leaders.

    • We are committed to advocating for thoughtful preservation of wild spaces and wild rivers.

    • We believe that humans benefit from meaningful connections within natural and social systems.

    What sort of other support will you need if you are awarded this scholarship?
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      You may choose to share how your participation will contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, and complex cohort. You may also share with us how you’ve experienced barriers to the outdoors, to writing, or to creative work, generally.
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