We believe that humans benefit from meaningful connections within natural and social systems, and we strive to empower all people to access and advocate for wild spaces.


Freeflow Institute curates immersive outdoor learning experiences in Earth’s wildest classrooms – for all people, of all backgrounds. We help humans connect to places, to one another, and to the truest forms of their work and art.


We envision a world in which people work together to develop skills, grow connections, share adventures, cultivate resilience, and experience creative freedom in wild places. 


Freeflow provides opportunities for creative development, space, and access to wild places for writers, artists, and leaders of all backgrounds. 

Freeflow eliminates the barrier between artist and environment for an intensely personal and profoundly connective experience.

The Freeflow Podcast

The three seasons of The Freeflow Podcast were made possible by support from the Prop Foundation.


Freeflow Institute offers a suite of services to help you develop your original ideas, expand your learning, or tell your story. Work with our diverse and innovative team of writers, creative professionals, educators, and artists to bring your vision to life. We offer discounted rates to Freeflow alumni, contracted public school teachers, and members of BIPOC communities.