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CMarie Fuhrman: Hells Canyon Revival


If you aren’t already familiar with CMarie Fuhrman, we are happy to introduce you to her today. CMarie’s body of work includes poems, essays, books – gorgeous prose and observations on place, history, and the more-than-human world. She is the nonfiction editor at High Desert Journal,  and director of the Elk River Writers Workshop.  CMarie lives in the mountains of Idaho with her partner Caleb and their dogs, Carhartt and Cisco.  

In this episode of The Freeflow Podcast, CMarie reads a new iteration of her essay, “Hells Canyon Revival,” which was first published in 2017. CMarie’s story takes us to Hells Canyon on the Snake River, where she explores several dualities with her characteristically thoughtful prose. She considers the art and cultural histories that are buried beneath impounded water, the limitations of language, and one ancient salmon hidden behind bars, high above the waterline.

Hells Canyon dam is the next dam upriver from Lower Granite, which is the one of the four dams on the Lower Snake being considered for decommissioning after Republican Idaho congressman Mike Simpson recently proposed a controversial $33 billion plan to dismantle the earthen portions of these dams. The dam issue is not as simple as clean energy (or hydropower) and infrastructure versus healthy ecosystems and survival of salmon and killer whales. The Lower Snake River dam debacle is, on both sides of the discussion, an issue of legacy and pride.

CMarie’s essay is a personal account of her relationship to the Snake River, the tension within the landscape and its history, and her place within its remaining wildness.  After her reading of “Hells Canyon Revival,” CMarie discusses the myriad binaries within the narrative and her own complicated history of relationship to rivers.


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