Grand Canyon 2025 Scholarships

Full and Partial Scholarships for participation in Freeflow’s 2025 Grand Canyon field course

We are accepting Scholarship Interest Forms (below) through April 2024.

In collaboration with some of our partner organizations and individual supporters, Freeflow Institute is offering between two and five full and partial scholarships for our 2025 Grand Canyon field course.

The Freeflow Grand Canyon experience is open to everyone. We encourage educators, leaders, artists, students, communicators, writers, scientists, and curious people of all backgrounds to apply – though preference for these scholarships will be given to individuals from BIPOC communities, especially those from Indigenous communities in the Colorado River Basin.

We are committed to building a cohort of humans who will bring depth and curiosity to the evolving narrative around the Colorado River and the Colorado Plateau – people who find joy in learning, observation, humor, science, and, importantly, the creative act.

No prior experience in rafting, writing, or backcountry camping is necessary. We just ask that you bring to the river your whole, complex self and a beautifully open mind. 

We understand that there may be myriad barriers to participation in this adventure, and that our scholarships may not cover all expenses associated with the river trip (i.e. travel to Flagstaff, gear, childcare, time off of work, etc.). While we cannot offset all of them financially, will work with you as best we can to chip away at these barriers.

To our scholarship recipients we offer our support with mental and physical preparation on the front end, creative mentorship, in-field support, and guidance with reintegration once the experience comes to a close.

As we solidify our funding sources and details of the scholarship program, please share your interest with us, using the form below. We’ll then get in touch with you once we are ready to accept applications. If you have any questions at all, you can contact us at [email protected].

Grand Canyon Scholarship Interest Form

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