Fall 2020 Community Series: Shift

Wednesday evenings 6 – 9 pm MST / July 1 – 29, 2020

SHIFT is a five-week, interactive workshop series focused on building community, generating work, and digging into the tough question of how we use our art and words to catalyze positive change.


Camille Dungy, author of Trophic Cascade
Amy Irvine, author of Desert Cabal
Pam Houston, author of Deep Creek
Craig Childs, author of Virga & Bone
Nick Triolo, digital editor at Orion Magazine

The 2020 Freeflow Community Workshop Series is open to serious writers and artists of all backgrounds who are interested in exploring new and innovative ways to use their medium as a means of empowerment during this period of change and upheaval. Weekly gatherings will necessarily occur online, but our emphasis throughout the course will be placed on authentic work out in the world.

For five midsummer weeks, we will convene on Wednesday evenings to generate ideas, workshop our evolving projects, discuss the work of others, and most importantly, explore what it means to use creative work as a mechanism for change.

Our meetings each week, though necessarily virtual as we continue to evaluate public health concerns, will be a launching point for our work. The focus for the course will be active participation:

  • How do we use our creative work to be more effective, compassionate, engaged, and collaborative members of society?
  • How do we use our work to amplify social, environmental, and ecological awareness and citizenship?
  • What is our work, specifically, and what do we want it to be in the future? 

The answers will be different for each one of us, and we offer this course as a means to begin the process of exploring that question. Rather than a terminus, this course is a jumping off point, a springboard. We’ll help each other set goals and stay accountable. We’ll offer readings, discussions, assignments, and most weeks we welcome some of Freeflow’s favorite authors and thinkers – experts from the field – to help us refine and develop tangible skills.

SHIFT will allow participants to explore the following concepts:


featuring Nick Triolo


featuring Amy Irvine


featuring Craig Childs


featuring Camille Dungy

Week 5: AMEND

featuring Pam Houston

The course will be co-facilitated by Freeflow Institute staff Chandra Brown and Kitty Galloway and is accredited by the University of Montana. Though the course is open to anyone, university students may choose to pursue two 400-level Environmental Studies credits through the UM.