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Cold Weather Craft Series

Winter 2022

Freeflow’s Cold Weather Craft Series is a midwinter deep dive into the maintenance and renewal of creative practice. For eight weeks in February and March, we invite some of Freeflow’s favorite instructors and collaborators to share bite-sized nuggets of inspiration and guidance, to help you keep your practice going. We appreciate the support of our listeners, contributors, and of the wild places that inspire the marrow of this media project.

(And big thanks to Ash O’Rourke for creating our lovely new podcast art.

Episode 8: Kitty Galloway | 3.30.22

In this final mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, writer, farmer, and Freeflow superstar Kitty Galloway offers an exercise that celebrates the spirit of springtime – foundation and new growth, inspiration, intention, and aspiration in this new season.

explore: Kitty Galloway

Episode 7: Chris La Tray | 3.23.22

In this penultimate mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, Chris La Tray shares a beautiful exercise in which he invites us to notice the sounds embedded within and inherent to what we so often perceive as silence. Chris is a Métis poet, storyteller, and enrolled Member of the Montana Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. He’s also one of our favorite Freeflow instructors.

explore: Chris La Tray | Chris’s newsletter, “An Irritable Métis

Episode 6: Joe Wilkins | 3.16.22

In this sixth mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, author and writing teacher Joe Wilkins offers up a stream-side meditation on the layers of landscape in our writing. Joe posits that any given landscape is a mosaic of layered and nuanced complexity, and he invites us to consider the entire system when writing about place.

explore: Joe Wilkins | Michael McGriff’s poem “Coos Bay”

Episode 5: Heather Hansman | 3.9.22

In this fifth mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, author and journalist Heather Hansman shares some insight into making time for writing by setting boundaries and moving through the paralysis we so often experience as writers. She shares her go-to method of tricking our brains into just getting started.

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Episode 4: Anna Brones | 3.2.22

In this fourth mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, Anna Brones, a writer and artist from the Pacific Northwest, leads a short and powerful exercise to consider why and where you need creativity in your life.

explore: Anna Brones | Creative Fuel

Episode 3: Leeanna Torres | 2.23.22

In this third mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, Leeanna Torres, a writer and advocate (and Freeflow alum) from New Mexico, shares a rich, four-part writing prompt, inviting you to consider the concept of Querencia, exploring ideas of home, belonging, roots, and our deepest knowing.

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Episode 2: Karima Walker | 2.16.22

In this second mini-episode of the Cold Weather Craft Series, artist and musician Karima Walker leads an exercise that invites you to adjust your breath to your environment, to listen deeply, and to enter into dialog with the sounds and space around you.

explore: Karima Walker | Pauline Oliveros

Episode 1: Chandra Brown | 2.9.22

In this first mini-episode, Freeflow Institute’s director Chandra Brown leads you through a short visualization to help you clarify the constituent parts of your creative life; to imagine what might be lying dormant, beneath the stuff of obligation and routine; and to consider committing to a short, attainable objective of building more negative space into your days.